HertART is a young research and development Intensive company focusing on plastic labware for critical clinical applications where product design, product quality and regulatory approvals are key for successful outcome.

HertART initial product focus is on high quality products designed and certified for use in In Vitro Fertilisation/Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The certified products cover all the functions in an IVF cycle from collection of oocytes and sperm through handling and purification, fertilization, embryo culture to transfer of embryos.

HertART Research and Development pipeline focuses on `cell safe` and `patient safe` features and technologies applied within IVF, stem cells and regenerative medicine/organ transplant.

HertART is born global. We develop technologies and products based on clinical input from local markets. We source products around the globle. We obtain the relevant regulatory approvals according to local regulations and clinical guidelines. We sell our products globally through dedicated sales channels.

If you have product ideas, technologies or actual marketable products which fits our business model, or if you want to obtain information on where to buy our products in your local market, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information on the Ordering/Customer Service page